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Best Psychiatric rehabilitation treatment centre in gurgaon name is Athena Behavioral Health Services located in Sector 47, Gurgaon, India. We provide Mental health treatment services like Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Anxiety and other psychiatric illnesses along with addiction through medication and psychosocial therapy.

Types of Mental Health Treatment

Who suffering from the following mental health issue should seek immediate treatment from best psychiatrist in india.



A psychiatrist can be called as a best psychiatrist only when they are able to be


Athena Behavioral Health – Best Mental Health and Addiction Centre in Delhi NCR, India

Daily Care Experts

We provide round-the-clock support with the expertise of the best psychiatrists and reputable rehab centers for optimal care.

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We offer seniors 24/7 care at home, with the best psychiatrists and trusted rehab centers for comprehensive well-being.

Balanced care

Optimal support with the expertise of best psychiatrists and trusted rehab centers for holistic well-being.

High Caliber Caregivers

Our Expert support, collaborating with the best psychiatrists and reputable rehab centers for comprehensive care.

Peace of mind

Independent surveys show a 97% client satisfaction rate, attesting to our excellence with best psychiatrists and rehab centers.

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The trusted choice for elder care professionals, providing reliable and compassionate caregiving services.

Cognitive therapeutics

Engaging activities by experts for aging minds' sharpness, complemented by best psychiatrists and reputable rehab centers for support

No long term contract

Use our services until 100% satisfied, with the added assurance of best psychiatrists and trusted rehab centers.

Mental health news & updates

Our team of the best psychiatrists in Gurgaon offers all qualities of a great mental health services.

Best Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists

Our team is dedicated to your mental health, collaborating with psychiatric facilities and clinics to provide top-notch care. We focus on holistic mental health, guiding you through depression rehab and offering the best in treatment. Our supportive network includes mental health centers and psychology clinics, ensuring your well-being is our priority.


Yes, Mental illness is treatable, Athena Behavioral Health has treated over 1000 patients with best psychiatrists and psychologists in India with use therapy, medication, and healing methods to treat mental illnesses successfully.

The need for medication throughout life varies; some individuals may require ongoing medication, while others may not.

Counseling plays a crucial role in mental health treatment by providing support, coping strategies, and addressing underlying issues.

Going into a rehab center typically involves structured programs to address substance abuse or addiction issues.

Addiction treatment at rehab centers may include detoxification, therapy, support groups, and education about recovery.

Rehab centers often offer aftercare programs to support individuals in maintaining sobriety and addressing ongoing challenges post-treatment.